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President's Message

Welcome! We are excited for another year of serving our community and helping to improve the lives of those around us. The Rotary motto is Service Above Self and it guides all of our decisions as a club. We invite you to a meeting to explore the possibilities for yourself. Information is available on this website.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Larah Alami,

Four Avenues Of Service

Since 1910, the Rotary Motto has been “Service Above Self.” As a service organization, the object of Rotary is to “encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise.”

Rotary strives to achieve it’s objective of “Service Above Self” through activities in four primary areas. These are often referred to as the Four Avenues of Service.

  • Club Service

    Members come together to execute the mission of Rotary through common ideas and service.

  • Vocational Service

    Our members comes from a wide range of different careers. This allows many different opportunities to unite as one and serve the community.

  • Community Service

    We strive to improve the lives of all that are part of our community. We partner with all the nonprofits that make up our community to help fulfill their missions.

  • International Service

    While our direct community needs our attention so do all the communities across the world. We raise funds and support for disasters and needs all over the world.

Diversity Statement

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

At Rotary, we understand that cultivating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture is essential to realizing our vision of a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change.

We value diversity and celebrate the contributions of people of all backgrounds, across age, ethnicity, race, color, disability, learning style, religion, faith, socioeconomic status, culture, marital status, languages spoken, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity as well as differences in ideas, thoughts, values, and beliefs.

Recognizing that individuals from certain groups have historically experienced barriers to membership, participation, and leadership, we commit to advancing equity in all aspects of Rotary, including in our community partnerships, so that each person has the necessary access to resources, opportunities, networks, and support to thrive.

We believe that all people hold visible and invisible qualities that inherently make them unique, and we strive to create an inclusive culture where each person knows they are valued and belong.

In line with our value of integrity, we are committed to being honest and transparent about where we are in our DEI journey as an organization, and to continuing to learn and do better.

Grants & Scholarships

In support of our mission of community service, The Rotary Club of The Tarrytowns ensures that the money we raise is given directly back to our community through our program of grants and scholarships.

Scholarship applications are available in January and due end of March 2024.

Click here for the application.

Questions about grants or scholarships? Email us here:

2024 Scholarship Opportunities

  • Breitbarth Scholarships to Seniors in Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown & Irvington
  • Breitbarth Scholarship Junior winners named in Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown & Irvington
  • Dave Bridges Art Scholarships to Seniors in Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown & Hackley
  • William N Burnette Scholarship to Seniors in Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown
  • Jack McCleary Sportsmanship Award to a Senior in Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown
  • Arthur Kennel Scholarship to the YMCA of Tarrytown

Past Grant Recipients

  • Elizabeth Mascia Childcare Center
  • Irvington Historical Society
  • MusicWorks
  • Neighborhood House, Inc
  • Open Door Medical Center
  • Public Schools of the Tarrytowns
  • TaSH
  • Hudson Valley Writers Center
  • Tarrytown Arts CAMP
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • RSHM Life Center
  • Summer Arts Camp
  • Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow Historical Society
  • The Tarrytown Music Hall
  • Warner Library


We have several committees that focus on key components of Rotary’s mission.
Join the one that tugs at the Service Above Self in you!


The primary activities of the committee are:

  • Promote fellowship and friendship among the members

  • Encourage participation by members in recreational and social activities

  • Inform new and prospective members about the privileges and responsibilities of Rotary club membership

  • Keep members informed about the history, objectives, and activities of Rotary at all levels

  • Oversee the orientation of new members during their first year in the club


This committee is responsible for putting together events to raise funds and awareness for our fellow non profits who need us. This can be toy drives, food drives, and other community-minded events.

International Service

The committee is responsible for assisting the club in matters related to international service. The club has made grants to the Rotary International Polio Eradication Program, the African Child Friendly Program, a District initiative, partial funding of the Veronica project, a program promoting the visitation of students from Argentina to our community, Dominican Republic Water project, Baby Aids project Dominican Republic and Haiti Relief projects.


The committee is responsible for reviewing all applications and selecting those high school students who apply for the Breitbarth Scholarship. In addition, it is the committee’s responsibility to update as necessary the application and guidelines and distribute them to private and public high schools attended by residents of Tarrytown, Irvington and Sleepy Hollow. The committee also assists in the planning of the annual scholarship awards luncheon.


The committee is responsible for scheduling speakers for the meetings with support from the membership. The committee coordinates with the Publicity Committee in sending weekly notices of meetings to the press.


This committee develops ways to bring in new members, and contacts members who have not been attending meetings to work on retaining active members.


The committee is responsible for the nomination of officers and directors as vacancies occur. They present a slate of candidates at a regular meeting of the Club one month prior to the Annual Meeting.

Officers & Directors


Photo of Larah Alami, President

Past President

Larah Alami

Photo of Rich Slingerland, Secretary


Rich Slingerland

Headshot of Joanne Murray, Treasurer


JoAnne Murray


Mimi Godwin


Joe Goscilo • Amy Ferraro • Rachelle Gebler • Becky McGovern • Doris Inzar • Mimi Godwin